Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blogger Engagement

Is the blogging genre fading? Judging by the comments to a post yesterday I think not. It has become a dynamic mode of global communication.

The topic was a reflection on the wonderful properties of ginger. Overnight I received ten delightful comments:

- Ginger snaps dipped in coffee are a gift from the heavens. In Asia, ginger milk tea makes me melt.
- I love ginger slices on sushi! It's the best, and you can buy it all ready to eat.
- Ginger snaps are delicious and I have used ginger as a cure/relief from pregnancy induced nausea.
-Ginger does indeed have a number of good qualities. Another is its great anti-inflammatory nature. Plus it tastes good. ;)
-When I lived in Japan, I remember watching a news story about ginger and sushi. One could actually see the microscopic parasites cringing and dying in the presence of the ginger. Now, I always eat all of my gingers when I have my sushi.
-Our culture has gotten so far away from our food based medicinals. Big business pharmacology and modern medicine has robbed us of simple and healthful alternatives.
-I chewed ginger candies when I was going through my radiation treatments. It really made the queasy feeling lessen. I wonder what the cat seemed to need the ginger for? I know that Dr. Weil recommends it to be eaten every day. Probably for most of the remedies that you mention here.
-Smart cat! I'm a ginger-holic. I adore it in stir fry, in cookies and in ginger chew candy. All made of yum. And nothing settles stomach better than ginger ale.
-Also, ginger has been touted to help with nausea and sea-sickness. I used to chomp on ginger candy during my pregnancies. I'm not sure if it worked with the morning sickness, though!
-I'm hooked on ginger lemon herbal tea. Ginger is great with sweet or savoury foods.

Blogging is an ideal format for:

- like minded people to share ideas
- showcasing individual interests and projects
- developing collegial relationships
- encouraging global communications across borders
- adding a vitality to personal writing (Ten years ago, many writers only wrote in private journals and rarely shared their insights with others)

Blog on!