Monday, February 7, 2011

A Young Death in Microcosm

My heart sank while viewing the photo of a young lady on the front page of the local newspaper. She had been killed in a snowmobile accident the day before during a community club competition two weeks before her twentieth birthday. She struck a tree that had fallen across the frozen river.

The picture is in the midst of an apple orchard where she is picking some tree ripened fruit. A picture perfect moment. The family provided the photo in the midst of the devastating loss.

Friends and family members spoke of her vibrant personality. "She had the most courage I have ever encountered in my life and she would do anything for anyone... If you ever felt down, she would be there in a heartbeat to cheer you up and she was such a gentle, kind person."

So many questions go through one's mind. So many tumultuous feelings.... It happens anywhere, anytime, with such great shock and torment for the family, friends, and community...

One is speechless.