Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Email declines among Teens

How do you interact in social media... email, Facebook, Twitter, texting, blogs? It's interesting to note that among teens, email use dropped "59 percent as well as 8 percent overall. Users between 18-54 are also using email less, though among those 55 and older, email actually saw an upswing."

"Young people are turning to social networks to communicate instead--the activity accounts for 14 percent of time spent online in the U.S.. That growth is fueled largely by Facebook, which has only continued to expand its reach in the past year--it accounts for 10 percent of page views in the U.S. and saw 38 percent growth in American users to 153.9 million. Total time spent on the site went up 79 percent to 49.4 billion minutes."

Another growing social site is LinkedIn which grew by 30 percent, Twitter by 18 percent, and Tumblr saw 168 percent growth in the U.S.

I am on Twitter and Facebook but must admit that most of my interaction and growth comes through my Google email address, blogging, and the connections which Google Friend Connect has provided.

Do teens provide a window to trends in future social media growth? Facebook seems to be a growing contender with their messaging and connecting possibilities.

Image: Fotalia