Sunday, February 6, 2011

One Magical Moment per Day

Elizabeth G. celebrated a wondrous achievement several days ago. She wrote 365 daily blog posts about finding one magical moment per day. I discovered her blog several months ago and was impressed with her resolve, sensitivity, and passion for life.

She writes, 'I will choose one moment a day of beauty, joy, humor, and emotion to write about. I am making a conscious choice to focus on these kinds of moments throughout the day as opposed to moments of self pity and anger.'

Aren't we all prone to times of vulnerability, sadness, anxiety about our lives? In the midst of these feelings, however, there may be that glimmer of light within every day to motivate and fill us with gratitude and hope.

I thank Elizabeth for giving me approval to write this post highlighting her blog. She provides a wonderful perspective and touches an essential element in each of us to carry on amidst challenges with optimism and vitality.

Image: from #362 'nearly lost piano treasures.'