Monday, January 31, 2011

Ginger: Wonderful Properties

It was highly unusual for our cat to jump onto the kitchen table to hover over a piece of coffee cake spiced with ginger. A good family friend brought it the day before and everyone commented on its distinctive flavour. After some research I found that ginger has some interesting attributes:

- Ginger is a delicacy, medicine, and spice.
- The oils from ginger is proven to help with digestion, and has analgesic, sedative, and antibacterial properties.
- It has shown to prevent certain cancers in mice.
- Ginger is a versatile spice that flavours tea, cakes, and meat dishes.
- Ginger powder is used in food preparation for pregnant and nursing mothers.
- It helps to treat colds, nausea, and is suffused in folk lore cures.
- Another site provides more medicinal properties including treatment for circulatory disorders, diarrhea, depression, alcoholism, fibromyalgia, and fever.

Cats are wiser than we know. Why did Scout want to smell and perhaps eat that cake? It encourages one to think about how to use ginger in a variety of recipes.