Thursday, January 20, 2011

Simple Solutions are the Best

Logos serve as potent symbols and sometimes they are tweaked.

Starbucks is celebrating its 40th anniversary on March 30 and is making some changes to its recognizable trademark.

A designer at I'mjustcreative likes it:

-"Now they have released the fair Siren from its center stage, it’s free and open, much more expressive.

-The biggest change is the removal of the brand name, quite a confident move... it follows Apple and Nike, who have for some time just relied on the brand mark to tell the story....

- It can afford to say less but achieve much much more.

-The curvy lines really draw you in, the Siren is doing her job.

-There is a slight nod back to the original one colour logo here, removing the harsh black and just reverting to the green. I also like the way middle circle in the Siren almost looks like a semi replacement for what was the black hole.

-That’s not to take anything away from the redesign, often the simplest solutions are the best."

I marvel at the power of logos. Every time I play squash I am reminded of the Adidas brand on my apparel.

What logo is embedded in your subconscious?