Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Photo Contest: The Ultimate Scene

Take a picture of your favorite view. challenged its readers to submit one for a contest.

"In the weeks that followed, readers sent in images of coastlines, city backdrops, and vistas. Some images celebrated the overwhelming and magnificent size of the landscapes we live in, while other pictures focused on smaller instances of natural beauty right under our noses."

Now the judges have hundreds to choose from such as the one provided here at the top left, and they invite readers to choose the best one from a sample they provided.

It's interesting to think about photos of our favorite view. We all have one taken from near or far. I guess one of mine is from afar.

Last fall my wife and I took a six week camping trip to the western U.S. when we visited 16 national parks.

When we saw the Grand Canyon, it took our breath away as did so many other vistas.

What picture, near or far, would you submit?