Monday, January 31, 2011

Googling Away our Brain Power?

We all know the exhilarating feeling of typing a web search for a name, an event, a year, a concept... and finding that Google instantly provides an encyclopedia of details, and even corrects our spelling or misnaming.

One journalist, however, wonders if we should resist the impulse. Let the old (or young) brain do a little mental gymnastics and fire up those synapses:

"I have visions of Google somehow overriding those connections and, in so doing, rendering them vestigial, obsolete" like children not learning about rotating clocks or tying shoelaces.

There is something about the banter in a conversation, the persistent quest ignited in the subconscious, the aha experience which are potent cognitive sparks.

" that moment of remembering, visions of synapses firing danced in my head and a shower of sweet relief washed over me."

Image from Lumosity, a site which applies neuro scientific research to 'reclaim your brain' through games and exercises.