Friday, March 4, 2011

Thinner, Lighter, More Powerful

Remember when cell phones were the size of large submarine sandwiches, computer monitors weighed in over 50 pounds, decent computers needed a filing cabinet hard drive?

It's interesting to read about the upgraded iPad2 which is thinner and lighter and twice as powerful with graphics performance nine times faster.

It also comes with more and more application potential. It is introducing The Garage Band app which looks to be huge with musicians. "I cannot tell you how many hours teenagers will spend making music," Steve Jobs said in his surprise appearance at the news conference.

Jobs also announced that Apple has sold over 100 million iPhones to date and notched up over 200 million credit card accounts with customers of iTunes and iBooks.

The iPad looks to be in the sweet spot for growth. There are 65,000 apps that are made especially for the iPad's display and 350,000 apps overall when you include the iPone apps that work on the machine.

One analyst said, "For now, Apple still defines the tablet market, with a product consumers will desire at a price that's hard to beat."

The sweeping revolution that's going on in digital technology and communications is absolutely stunning.