Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Pragmatic Idealists

OK, I am a fan of Aside from its rather generic title there is some great work going on here in terms of gathering a growing following through engaging content and participation.

For example, it asks a relevant weekly question on Twitter and Facebook. This week's was, 'Is racism increasing or decreasing?'

Some of the responses were:

- It's increasingly covert.
- Student papers always remind me that I should've given the "how-to-not-write-like-you-might-be-racist" lecture.
- Racism is unfortunately still here. It's just hiding in the a coward.
- Decreasing due to a more educated population.
- It sure as hell isn't decreasing as it should...

What is there to dislike about GOOD? Maybe you could subscribe to the site in a Reader, or follow on Twitter (it has 534,00 followers), or like on Facebook (with over 88,000 others)?

Their bio at Twitter reads: 'GOOD is the association of pragmatic idealists making our world work. We make a website, magazine, and videos for people who give a damn.'

GOOD also has a host of strategic contributors.

My recommendation encourages one to think about other great sites worth endorsing.