Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pomegranate Power

There was carnage in the kitchen and the pomegranate was to blame. Alex read some articles about the antioxidant rich food and brought home a plump specimen to enjoy. The trouble is Alex had never opened a pomegranate before when he sliced it open with his large paring knife.

Immediately juice squirted everywhere in their new kitchen with a bold white theme. Even the white granite counter top now had juice seeping into the pores. When Alex saw that this first slice was just the beginning of his troubles, he took out a fork to pick out the jeweled seeds, only to create a machine gun splattering of juice pellets everywhere.

The cabinets took the line of fire this time. They looked like fruit flavoured angel food cake. But there were so many more kernels of goodness to dig out so he stabbed the flesh again and again covering himself, the floor, the ceiling, and the new white kitchen with the volatile juice.

Now Alex worried that his wife was coming home soon and it was time to hide the evidence of his foray in the kitchen. Maybe this lemon would help in the clean up.

But before he got started, his wife walked in the door....or so the police surmised when they surveyed the scene.

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