Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's all about Human Potential

Hugh MacLeod (with artwork) reflects on a nugget of wisdom he received twenty years ago from the CEO of a small toy company which has done well globally.

'Hmmm… These Playmobil toys of yours… they do amazingly well, all over the world. So what’s their secret? What do they do that’s so interesting?'

'It’s not what the toy does that’s interesting. It’s what the child does with the toy that’s interesting.'

'BOOM! A moment of clarity. One that sticks with me decades later.'

'I know I like to yack on endlessly about “It’s all about human potential.” I know its cliche, but then again, I’m not wrong, either. This is why we exist. To find out.'

It occurs to me that this marketing lesson also applies to our daily lives. How wonderful if we can find ways to enrich our days by staying engaged with life in vital ways.