Thursday, December 9, 2010

Snow Palaces

Nightmare or fantasy?
100 centimeters of snow,
over one meter in two days,
three days of school closures-
mountains of snow
too deep even for sledding;
too bad there's no groomed ski hill close by.
Shovel that driveway
clear the sidewalk
what happened to our terrier?
From the north the winds came,
swirling counter clockwise currents
from a giant storm in the distant Maritimes,
picking up moisture over Lake Huron and Georgian Bay and
creating giant, pillow cases of snowflakes-
A record snowfall,
two weeks earlier than the usual beginning
of snow kingdoms
paralyzing traffic on Highway #401 for hours
and liberating childhood fantasies.

(Early this last week London, Ontario was buried as described in the poem.)

This is a Magpie Tale around a weekly photo prompt.