Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Marketing Niche Savvy

Have you ever marveled at how some people do so well in marketing their ideas, talents, or products on the Internet? No business is easy to begin with the expectation of an immediate avalanche of sales. It often takes a lot of work and time to build a following, get the message out, and encourage the consumer to use that credit card. There is also some savvy marketing going on in positioning the product, branding, and advertising, etc.

Here are several well positioned niche products. In the midst of the winter cold, Twittens are gloves which can allow you to expose those fingertips for handy texting. They are "gloves for the text generation." The name is a cross between Twitter and mittens, and you can follow them there and on Facebook. Who can be without a pair?

Talli Roland, whose blog I have followed for over a year, has marketed her young adult fiction very well. Her latest novel The Hating Game is on some bestseller lists as an e book, along with sales of a hard copy.

Or how about a microbrewery using all natural milled ingredients in your very own home with minimum fuss? The Brewer's Market offers several inexpensive kits with different flavours to enjoy. I have tasted The Crossroads Amber Ale and enjoyed its distinctive appeal very much. (Disclosure: one of the partners is a most likable and talented son in law.) They also are on Twitter and Facebook.

Do you know of any other well positioned products and appreciate their marketing or appeal?