Wednesday, December 15, 2010


In the pitch darkness she finished her shift
at the local fast food haven,
and threw up the hood of her light vinyl jacket;
the sidewalk was slippery with freshly fallen snow.
Too bad she didn't bring a scarf she thought
as the north wind assaulted her vulnerable neck.
It was the best job she could get-
A couple of $20's for five hours of work;
now 10 o'clock her kids would be fast asleep-
valuable family opportunities missed
like the warmth of a fireplace
they never enjoyed.
Her sitter, tied to her cellphone,
probably talked the evening away with her friends;
she hoped her boyfriend was not with her
keeping her "company."
Why did her husband leave her penniless and alone?
Swept her off her feet right out of high school
Promised to love and cherish...
The flakes seemed to get larger now
and the wind subsided;
the lights took on a warmer glow.
Ahead was the stone edifice of a vaulted church;
a choir was inside practicing for the big day.
Illuminated was the stained glass window with a child and adoring mother....
I wish I could feel as fresh and new she gasped
as her home came into view.
This is my submission to Magpie Tales with a weekly photo prompt.