Friday, December 3, 2010

Gather round the Hearth

We spend time carefully thinking about the dynamics of our blog:
header, sidebar, name, caption, images, style, voice, friends...
Like the entrance to a stone manor with pristine snowfall,
We welcome with ideas, thoughts, musings...
People walk up the sidewalk from near and far
Should I knock and stay awhile?
It looks like a friendly place;
I think I smell cinnamon buns and rooibos tea.

The scenery out the windows can be pastoral or urban
Frenetic or relaxed
Youthful or silvered
Enchanting or pensive-
A parade of holiday floats.

Our computer screens play out the greetings
As we dance to the music of our fingertips.

Submitted to Magpie Tales which has a weekly photo prompt.

(Welcome to a recent phenomenon, social media, and how it is helping to shape many people's lives.)