Sunday, December 5, 2010

The End of Paper Magazines?

An interesting experience is leafing through "Canada's first interactive digital magazine." You click through the pages just like a real magazine, stop and peruse an article of interest, or admire some of the stylish images. As a bonus, readers can click the headlines on the cover, or listings in the table of contents, to go directly to the article they are seeking.

Real Style founder and president Elen Steinberg said, "You can recreate the experience of a print magazine, but it's so much more enhanced. You've got video, everything is linkable."

An advantage for advertisers is to find out what consumers like to read, what links they pursue, and what they purchase. One cannot do that with the traditional format.

Ironically my wife and I were purging piles of magazines from several bins in the basement this last weekend. Do we need to continue subscribing to good hard copy magazines or be happy with the online versions? For example, it's difficult for me to be without the monthly National Geographic.

Here is the link to the new digital magazine. (Click on the middle of the magazine to begin and press Escape when you want to leave.)