Friday, December 10, 2010

Interesting Blogger Statistics

I am nearing my third anniversary as a blogger with over 1,100 posts. An infographic provides a look at some of the statistics about the blogging phenomenon:

-Bloggers worldwide: U. S. 33%, Canada, Mexico 5%, South America 2%, European Union 19%, Asia Pacific 8%....Africa?; that leaves about 30% unaccounted for...

-79% of bloggers have college degrees or higher.

-Interesting that in 2009 9% of bloggers were self employed; in 2010 it is 21%, a growing segment.

-Professional bloggers are "more sophisticated" in the use of Facebook and Twitter to drive readers.

-34% say that Twitter is a more effective driver than a year ago.

-51% say they receive a salary for their blogging.

Annual revenue generated from advertising on blogs:
All bloggers $42,000
Part-timers $14,000
Self employed $122,000

Conclusions: Most of the bloggers I read make little or nothing from blogging. There are a lot of bloggers out there who simply want to interact with like minded people and share perspectives.

The chart encourages one to think about why you blog, what is your long term plan for your blog, how important is Facebook and Twitter in your general strategy, do you intend to gain some revenue eventually? Finally do you see blogging as a fading genre or growing in 2011?

Enhanced chart at Holy Kaw. Via Grasshopper Group, 'Empowering Entrepeneurs'