Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Charitable Heart within Royal Wedding

It's interesting to peruse the official site of the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. The couple has designated several organizations within The Royal Wedding Charity Fund to help young people 'fulfill their potential.'

- Beatbullying is 'the UK's leading bullying prevention charity, creating a world where bullying, violence and harassment are unacceptable. Beatbullying empowers people to understand, recognise, and say no to bullying, violence and harassment by giving them the tools to transform their lives and the lives of their peers. Working with families, schools, and communities to understand the problem, campaign for change and provide a sustainable efficient and proven solution.' They administrate, the world’s first online peer mentoring service for children and young people who are being bullied.

- IntoUniversity 'provides local learning centres where young people are inspired to achieve. At each local centre IntoUniversity offers an innovative mentoring programme that supports young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to attain either a university place or another chosen aspiration.'

- Key fund is 'a charity which invests in ideas. Young people design and deliver their own projects, building confidence, self-esteem and 12 Keyfund skills. By building confidence, aspirations and pride, Keyfund opens doors. New experiences. New skills. New futures.'

As well the Royal Wedding Charity Fund supports organizations around the themes:
- changing life through the arts and sports
- help and care at home
- conservation for future generations
- support for Services personnel and their families

It's wonderful to see a sensitive social perspective to complement the pomp and ceremony.