Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cartoon Caption Contest

Most of us enjoy the editorial cartoons of our favourite newspapers and magazines. Good cartoonists can apply their illustration wizardry to the issues of the day. Often the caption is the clincher in their entertaining perspectives.

Every week The New Yorker holds a competition to come up with a caption for one of their cartoons.

For example, the recent cartoon contest #279 is portrayed here with the winning captions:

-First place: 'Is that your foot?'

-Second: 'Should I call and downsize our pizza order?'

- Third: 'They're outside protesting, sir.'

The latest contest with the talking video screen is #283.

My caption entries are:

'Your days are almost over.'
'Why have YOU come to the shrine of the mass media?'
You need a makeover.

I am sure there are much better ones....