Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rocky Mountain High

They opened the road again just as we arrived. It had been closed for two days because of snow and ice.

On our way home from our six week western trek, we made sure to stop at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Here, we were greeted by snow capped mountains and aspen trees in golden splendour. The high elevation of our campsite at 9,000 feet and the drive on the highest major highway at 12,183 feet suddenly introduced us to winter. The park also sits at the top of the Continental Divide.
We were also enthralled by the fact that we were at the banks of the source of the Colorado River which is over 1,450 miles long and which we have enjoyed in the lower spectacular regions.
Finally we were awakened early by the rutting call of a large bull elk with five foot antlers. His harem of 10 accompanied him as they gathered around our campsite. (It was too early in the morning to get a picture of the persistent male.)
Of course, it was John Denver who loved this park and sang "Rocky Mountain High."