Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Great Western Trek: 16 National Parks

Six weeks, sixteen national parks, 16,000 kilometers. Our camping trek to visit some of the most dramatic western parks in the U.S. still resonates. For my convenience and for anyone who may be interested in a recap, I have gathered the posts in a chronological index.

-A Merger of Wind, Rock, and Sky, Sept. 9
-Monumental Rushmore, Sept. 10
-Yellowstone is Hot, Sept. 13
-Where are the Glaciers?, Sept. 15
-From Disappointment to Delight, Sept. 17
-Nature's Utopia, Sept. 20
-Rich with History, Sept. 21
-Oregon Vistas, Sept. 23
-Spooked on Highway #1, Sept. 25
-Hovering Golden Gate, Sept. 26
-Yosemite Delivers, Sept. 29
-Trail of the Giants, Oct. 1
-Love the Canyon, Oct. 4
-Trail of Time, Oct. 5
-Enveloped by Edifices, Oct. 8
-Hoodoo Mecca, Oct. 9
-Scenic By Way, Oct. 10
-Seeking Confluence, Oct. 11
-Millenial Arches, Oct. 12
-Rocky Mountain High, Oct. 14
-Western Trek Recap, Oct. 18

Still got mammoth trees, canyons, and vistas on my mind.