Monday, October 4, 2010

Love the Canyon

What hits you first is the sheer scale of the Grand Canyon. When you look over the first observation point one beholds a vista that stretches for kilometers in each direction. As we viewed the interlocking valleys and cliffs, I spotted a soaring bird deep in the canyon's recesses, but then discovered it was a touring helicopter.

The canyon also is not shy about revealing its geological secrets. Several billion years of history are charted in the multi coloured layers of rock, and it's interesting to read about how the rocks were shifted, lifted, and eroded into their present beautiful stature. We enjoyed several hikes into the canyon to stop short of getting as far as the Colorado river, a walk of over 7 miles. We talked to some who spent the night down there, to return the next day. 250 a year need to be rescued for trying to hike too far down without adequate preparation.

The canyon has many moods and changes with the weather and light conditions. We observed a storm and a beautiful sunset which ignited the cliffs in a golden hue.
We have also enjoyed a lot of tailgate dinners over the course of our western trek. Sampling some of the local brews including this amber ale has been a delight.