Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Manifesto for a Vital Life

A manifesto is a declaration of intent, policy, aim, etc. as issued by a political party, government, movement or ....website.

The word comes from the C17 Italian word manifestare to manifest.

As I gather 1,000 vital quotes about life, I wonder about the parameters.

The chief areas, it seems to me, include:

-spiritual enrichment
-personal skills
-social responsibility
-relationship with the environment
-contentment/happiness level
-community interaction
-use of time

For example, Life Optimizer sees seven key elements of good relationships:
- Both sides are willing to give/change/admit mistakes/listen/support/are open to each other/ and have integrity.

Also, the United Nations is about to declare that a serious famine exists in the horn of Africa. How does one react to such news?...

Consequently, you can expect quotations which indirectly address these areas and others....