Saturday, July 2, 2011

Coffee for Philosophers to Mull

There's a new wave of coffee shops attracting attention "where brews have been hailed as seductive and pure, sublime and crack-like." Stumptown coffee also offers cold-brewed coffee available in little stub-necked bottles. The shops have been praised for its "retro-hip baristas and ethical-indie business practices."

The director of operations for the company philosophizes about the coffee waves—"the first was when espresso arrived on our shores; the second was when Starbucks brought us expensive specialty coffee; and the third is now, when coffee has gotten really expensive and is treated less like a commodity and more like wine, something for connoisseurs to palate and philosophers to mull."

The refined experience is now only available in Brooklyn, Portland, and Seattle, but a new partner is planning to grow the business.

Via The New Yorker