Thursday, June 16, 2011

Social Media Responds to Riot

Ratings were high as Canadians watched game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals Wednesday night, June 15. Losing with the score 4-0 after winning the first two games was, indeed, a disappointment for the Vancouver Canucks who played against the Boston Bruins.

Much more sad, however, was the riot which broke out after the game in Vancouver.

Canadians are a mild mannered, agreeable bunch...over all, and this was a colossal black eye as a result of global media coverage.

The Vancouver mayor and B.C. premier have stressed that the hard core group of rioters will be prosecuted. Others in the city are disappointed by the bad publicity of their fair city.

Thousands turned out to help with a clean up the next day spurred on by a Facebook event.

On a side (horizontal) note, 'tonsil hockey' played alongside in the midst of the riot.