Monday, June 20, 2011

On My Quote/Word Quests

Several of my favourite quotes this past week at 365 Quote Quest are:

*Hitch your wagon to a star. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

- How's your wagon (life) progressing?
- What stars (dreams) occupy your thoughts?
- How can you balance your dreams with reasonable goals and aspirations?

*Least said soonest mended. ~ Proverb

- Do you agree with this Proverb?
- How can you try to mend a problem with an economy of words?
- What other tactics are involved to resolve a problem?

*Some people regard discipline as a chore. For me, it is a kind of order that sets me free to fly. ~ Julie Andrews

- How disciplined are you?
- The quotation seems paradoxical. How can discipline set you free?

And several interesting words from 365 Word Quest (I'm going through the dictionary from A-Z):

*fortuitous- happening by chance, especially by a luck; unplanned; accidental

C17 from Latin fortuitus, from fors chance, luck

More probably the resemblance which may be traced in this respect between the religions of the East and West is no more than what we commonly, though incorrectly, call a fortuitous coincidence, the effect of similar causes acting alike on the similar constitution of the human mind in different countries and under different skies.

*froufrou- a swishing sound, as made by a long silk dress; elaborate dress or ornamentation

-C19 from French of imitative origin

Like many froufrou fashionistas, my bedroom is an extension of my wardrobe, and therefore has to be interesting, welcoming, and a little bit funky.

*frump- a woman who is dowdy, drab, or unattractive

C16 (in the sense: to be sullen; C19 dowdy woman): from Middle Dutch verrompelen to wrinkle, rumple

Okay, like everyone else, I too was staggered that such a seemingly trained voice should come out the mouth of a woman who's been dubbed a 'frump.'