Friday, May 13, 2011

Spiritual Belief Systems

If one believes in something strongly enough, one tends to share the information? is an evangelical based Christian ministry which helps young people to understand divergent perspectives. For example, how does one discuss one's faith with:
- Alisha, the Agnostic; Andy, the Atheist; Bailey, the Buddhist; Erin, the Evolutionist; Hari, the Hindu; Jenni, the Jew; Mo, the Muslim; Nicole, the New Ager; Willow, the Wiccan...

Utne Reader provides a perceptive assessment:

"Given the source, the basic information about each “worldview” is surprisingly fair-minded, breaking down, for example, even the dark abyss that is Satanism into bite-size bits. But things steer quickly out of hand when it comes to the proselytizing tips, which are presented under the innocuous-sounding “things to remember” heading. Because apparently the only reason evangelical Christians would try so hard to understand another spiritual belief system is so they can tear it down—slyly and strategically, that is."

Where in the understanding of other belief systems is there a desire for inclusiveness?