Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Change in Format

A good blogger acquaintance decided to bid farewell to her readers recently. She expressed her concerns very well which echo some of my thoughts:

'The year has quickly come and gone and I now feel that I can no longer give the time to write my postings, to respond to the many, many comments and, most importantly, to read and enjoy your wonderfully varied and interesting writings. I shall, I know, miss you all dreadfully and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your kindnesses and support. I wish you much happiness and success in the future...'

I have asked myself similar questions over the last few months about my own online writing and networking. What began 3 years and 4 months ago has resulted in an accumulation of over 1,300 posts. I have enjoyed the pursuit of getting out an almost daily mind fix, networking, and building a following. As well, my two other blogs 365 Quote Quest and 365 Word Quest have almost 500 posts each.

However, I have felt somewhat guilty about not visiting more of you regularly with your own perceptive blogs. I have several other ongoing interests which need to be cultivated as well.

I am choosing, therefore, to disable commenting. There are several blogs I follow which use this format. Their intent is to offer readers what they have come for: thoughtful and poignant perspectives.

Similarly, I publish my posts to the world like a stone cast onto the water. I hope that some of them may cause ripples of enrichment.

Contact can still be made through email.

Image: I am in Zion National Park, Utah, October 2010