Monday, January 23, 2012

My Manifesto, Mission Statement, Guide

The Quoteflections 16 Point Manifesto has been tweaked and desk top published into a document image. As I stated earlier, I found writing this declaration a helpful exercise to distill my underlying perspectives here. Like a mission statement, it serves as a guide and motivation.

I wish to thank Bonnie Zieman of Pixel Dust Photo Art who generously provided this image in a manuscript format.

A vital life is a quest to:

-nurture strengths and manage weaknesses
-widen horizons with life long educational pursuits
-find vitality in work and life and share the energy
-pursue passion and commitment
-cultivate people bonds
-help children grow
-show a sensitivity to nature, our most precious resource
-seek peace and fulfillment on one's spiritual path
-explore exciting personal challenges
-practice tolerance and confront abuses
-seek justice and opportunity for all
-nurture enriching experiences over things
-celebrate one's uniqueness and individuality
-extend the circle of kindness and compassion
-slow down and find joys in each new day
-'Live, let live, and help live.' ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Quoteflections 16 Point Manifesto

I hope that this manifesto may resonate for all. One of my goals is to be inclusive rather than exclusive in my perspectives.

(Sharing, forwarding, or recommending this manifesto is appreciated. Feel free to share the image too.)