Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oregon Vistas

It's Oregon, not Oregone if you don't want to be labeled a tourist. Highway 101 threads its way down the entire coastline of the state. We spent several days on this scenic avenue as we headed south often turning right to visit charming tourist towns, view stunning vistas, and camp close to the pounding surf.

On one beach at a state park a one hundred year old wreck provided an interesting counterpoint to several sunsets we enjoyed.
One of my favourite meals happened to be at a fish and chips place where we noticed the locals had created a line out the door. This is an albacore, salmon, and halibut extravaganza with the tastiest sauces.
Several interesting footnotes to the state. They charge no taxes. Yes, no taxes on purchased items. That's quite a contrast to our HST in Ontario of 15%! Also don't try to fill up your gas tank by yourself or there is over a $500 fine.

We have crossed the state line into California where we anticipate some interesting experiences. Thanks to readers and commentators who have followed our western trek so far.