Saturday, January 3, 2015

365 Quote Quest, Volume#4

I am happy to introduce the publication of my fourth volume of 365 Quote Quest.  It contains 365 entries of quotes around various themes with a question or two to guide reflection and enrichment.  Consider them as daily meditation nuggets around various theme streams.

For regular readers of quoteflections these books are a product of my regular posts.  At 365 Quote Quest I use these quotes to provide reflective questions.

Since this is volume #4 the entries are numbered from #1096 to #1460.  Each entry includes about five or six quotes which deal with a specific theme.  The book contains 2,083 quotes and has 224 pages.

The themes cover a diversity of topics all dealing with an aspect about life.  In its entirety it is a chronicle of a comprehensive quote journey.

I published each of the four volumes at Create Space and they are available for purchase at Amazon. I invite you to visit my Author Central Page where you may peruse all four books.

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Thanks for your interest and any positive endorsements!  Happy new year 2015 to all my readers!