Monday, March 31, 2014

Rolling Up Your Sleeves

Life without idealism is empty indeed.  We just hope or starve to death.  ~ Pearl S. Buck

Idealism is the noble toga that political gentlemen drape over their will to power.  ~ Aldous Huxley

Words without actions are the assassins of idealism.  ~ Herbert Hoover

That glorious vision of doing good is so often the sanguine mirage of so many good minds.  ~ Charles Dickens

We are inclined to judge ourselves by our ideals; others, by their actions.  ~ Harold Nicolson

Idealism detached from action is just a dream.  But idealism allied with pragmatism, with rolling up your sleeves and making the world bend a bit, is very exciting.  It's very real.  It's very strong.  ~ Bono

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