Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Democracy as Daily Citizenship

Democracy is based on the conviction that man has the moral and intellectual capacity, as well as the inalienable right to govern himself with reason and justice.  ~ Harry S. Truman

If you want to understand democracy, spend less time in the library with Plato, and more time in the buses with people.  ~ Simeon Strunsky

The greatest blessing of our democracy is freedom.  But in the last analysis, our only freedom is the freedom to discipline ourselves.  ~ Bernard Baruch

As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master.  This expresses my idea of democracy.  ~ Abraham Lincoln 

I understand democracy as something that gives the weak the same chance as the strong.  ~Mohandas Gandhi

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.  ~ Winston Churchill

Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.  ~ George Bernard Shaw

There cannot be daily democracy without daily citizenship.   ~Ralph Nader

The job of a citizen is to keep his mouth open.  ~ Gunter Grass

We talk about problems, issues, policies, but we don't talk about what democracy means — what it bestows on us — the revolutionary idea that it isn't just about the means of governance but the means of dignifying people so they become fully free to claim their moral and political agency.  ~ Bill Moyers

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