Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beyond the Light Switch

What if the whole world was without electricity for one week? What pandemonium, devastation would result? Would there be a job for you? How would your lifestyle change? Could you survive with your family?

Of course, this scenario is highly unlikely. But it does force us to think about how dependent we are on electricity for EVERYTHING!

Where does it come from? How do we keep the electric grid, the world's largest machine, humming with power for everything our heart desires?

In Ontario our government has announced a doubling of consumer electric bills over the next 20 years, with major investments in nuclear generation, and green energy initiatives in solar and wind power. By 2020 there will be no dependency on "dirty coal." Moreover, consumers will pay more for energy at peak times during the day.

David Biello has produced a four hour documentary for local PBS entitled 'Beyond the Light Switch. What will the Future of Energy Look Like?' He wants to contribute some perspective on the national energy debate. How should we proceed given our finite resources and desire to lessen our contribution to global warming and pollution?

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