Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Creative Vein

What would men do without their workshops, either in the basement or in a corner of the garage? The repository of tools, waxes, wires, and relics where men retreat occasionally to tinker and toy?

Gordon Bennett's workshop in Brooklyn is that and more.... He takes junk and creates robots that look "like characters from a lost sci-fi movie Pixar made in 1955. You just want to hug them."

"In Bennett's hands, each machine part becomes like a metallic version of Plato's half-souls groping through the world, each looking for its chance to meet its match. It almost sounds mystical, this metalworking....

It's clear to me that Bennett's robots, which don't move or have any electronics, are art. Like a good impressionist painting can make you see the reality of light and color in new ways, Bennett's work shifts your perspective about the aesthetics of the mechanical world."

The excellent article encourages one to think about the creative vein that each of us has (male and female). It's also a delight to see it in others around us.

Via Alexis Madrigal for the Atlantic.
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